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Product Name – CO2 Fire Extinguisher
Weight – 05 kg

Type:- Co2 Gas

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) fire extinguishers are the go-to solution for sensitive electrical equipment and Class B liquid fires. By displacing oxygen with inert CO2 gas, they eliminate combustion support. Unlike cooling-based extinguishers, CO2 isn’t suitable for Class A fires with solid materials. Recognizable by a black label, these extinguishers release pressurized gas to suppress fires. Caution is crucial in confined spaces as inhaling CO2 may cause asphyxiation. Ensure comprehensive fire safety with our CO2 extinguishers designed for specific fire types, prioritizing effectiveness and safety in electrical and liquid fire emergencies.

1. Avoid using carbon dioxide extinguishers in small confined spaces, as the gas can rapidly displace oxygen, leading to potential asphyxiation if inhaled.

2. Refrain from holding the horn during discharge, as it can become extremely cold. Our CO2 extinguishers are equipped with a double-skin insulated horn to minimize the risk of cold burns when handled, enhancing ease and safety of use. However, exercise caution and refer to the product specification for this specific feature.

3. Aim the horn at the center of the fire and discharge, moving outward as the fire is extinguished.


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